So pleased that you have come to my blog. I am going to be putting so much stuff on here that it is going to make your head spin…

I left school at 15 with very few qualifications and I spent the first 10 years working for my parents in the greengrocer’s shop owned in London.

My wife and I got married in 1967 and in the seventies we worked for Courage Brewery as managers in their pubs.

In the late seventies I worked in Stafford as Produce Manager for Sainsbury’s Supermarkets then in 1980 we moved back to London where our lives changed yet again.

The eighties flew by and in 1990 I invested all our savings with a very large (still in business) investment company. They lost all £10k in less than six months.

My wife took that quite badly as you can imagine, I don’t know how we are still together?

If my wife had, had her way I would have given up then, but instead I took lessons and since then the investment business has been a huge part my life. In fact, .

I haven’t offered the investment lessons since 2006 when I first started Sharewatch.

Anyway, getting back to where we were, in 2001 we found eBay and that was another turning point for us.

Then in 2005 we retired and moved Spain, where we are still.

We are in the same village in the Alicante – Hondon valley.

In 2006 I began teaching students how to deal in Stocks and Shares. Naturally that is something that over a couple of years slowly came to an end as each of my students started drifting away, just like schooldays, we all left the fold of classrooms to go into that daunting world that was waiting for us

In 2008 I recruited over 200 students to teach them Forex. This was going great guns until on New Year’s Day 2010 I woke up with arrhythmia and high blood pressure. Doctor’s order was to take it easy etc, etc.,

I had been teaching the students for about two years when I reluctantly contacted them all and told them that I had to stand down as their mentor and slow my life down, as pressure would exacerbate my health problems.

Slowly but surely with medication and living a sedentary life, my health improved greatly and now I live a normal active life, although still taking Blood Pressure Tablet, one a day.

I have decided to start selling my investment lessons again. If you wish to participate, get the lessons here

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