Baby Yoda Joins Londons National Portrait Gallery with Mandalorian and the Child Oil Painting – Hollywood Reporter

The exclusive image will go on display to mark the release of the second season of ‘The Mandalorian.’

Baby Yoda has joined some of the most famous faces in the U.K., being unveiled as an exclusive portrait in collaboration with London’s National Portrait Gallery.

The 3 foot by 2 foot oil painting “The Mandalorian and the Child” — commissioned to mark the arrival of the second season of The Mandalorian on Disney+ — features both the title’s bounty hunter holding famed infant The Child. The image is set to hang alongside some of the National Portrait Gallery’s own collection of portraits of familiar faces from the Star Wars galaxy, including Sir Alec Guinness, Thandie Newton, Felicity Jones, Ben Morris, Riz Ahmed and Gareth Edwards.

The display — open to the public Oct 30 – Oct 31 — will also include original concept art from The Mandalorian created by artists such as Doug Chiang, John Park and Christian Alzman.

“This is truly the way to mark the arrival of the second season of The Mandalorian,” said Luke Bradley-Jones, senior vice president at Disney+. “We are honoured to unveil this portrait in collaboration with the esteemed National Portrait Gallery. The show and characters created by Jon Favreau have been embraced by fans across the U.K. who can now stand a step closer to inspect them on canvas before streaming the new episodes.”

Added Ros Lawler, chief operating officer at the National Portrait Gallery: “There is no doubt that Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon that has had a huge impact on popular culture and has involved a wide range of talent from across the British film industry. We are delighted to have worked with Disney+ on the Star Wars display, which includes the painting of ‘The Mandalorian and the Child.’ We hope that this unique collaboration between the gallery and Disney+ will encourage new audiences and young people to our collection, allowing them to come face to face with their Star Wars heroes.”